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Jamaican Dogwood Tincture - First Aid for Pain

Jamaican Dogwood Tincture - First Aid for Pain

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Jamaican Dogwood Herbal Tincture

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This product comes in 2-ounce glass amber dropper bottles and in 1 and 2-ounce Nalgene bottles for outdoor use.

All Wellness Warrior products are organic. 

Herbs are certified Kosher by Kosher Certification Services.  Certified organic by the USDA and QAI, Inc., and Oregon Tilth.


Love and the organic herb Piscidia piscipula (Jamaican dogwood).  Herb is extracted in 40% alcohol by volume.  This product may also be referred to as Piscidia erythrina.


Jamaican dogwood is a well-known nervine belonging to the pea family (Leguminosae or Fabaceae) family of trees (not in the Dogwood, or Cornaceae family).  This is the only plant in the Fabaceae family which is used for pain; it's action targets nerve pain. 

It is used for anxiety, back pain, chiggers, fear, inducing sweat, insomnia, menstrual pain, migraines, muscle spasms, nervous tension, pain, rheumatism, spasmodic respiratory conditions such as asthma and whooping cough, and toothache.

Historically, Native Americans used the extract from the bark, roots, twigs, and leaves to sedate fish so they were easier to catch.

Because Jamaican dogwood is only minimally sedative, it is appropriate for daily use.  This herb is well tolerated without the common side-effects making dosing for different types of pain quite easy.  Plants, such as valerian (Valeriana officinalis) or hops (Humulus lupulus) are stronger pain relievers but also carry a higher risk of sedation, so Jamaican dogwood is a great option for people who need pain relief, but still need to complete daily tasks, drive a vehicle, or work.  However, valerian or hops may be more appropriate herb choices after a traumatic accident, as both herbs help ward off mental frustrations due to acute pain.

In first aid clinics, this is a perfect tincture to offer a patient as they await evaluation.  It is safe and will help start relieving pain quickly.  


Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, 


Internal – Shake well before use.  Take 1/2 droppersful (0.6 mL) to 2 droppersful (2.5 mL) initially and increase dose as needed.


ACUTE INJURY:  kava kava (Piper methysticum), valerian (Valerina officinalis), wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa)

INSOMNIA (due to body aches):  hops (Humulus lupulus), skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), valerian (Valerina officinalis), wild lettuce (Lactuca spp.)

SKELETAL MUSCLE PAIN:  black cohosh (Actaea racemosa), pedicularis (Padicularis spp.), skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), and white willow bark (Salix spp.)


Contains 40% alcohol by volume. 

Keep out of children's reach.



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